Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson | Fell On Black Days

Fell On Black Days

April 10, 2017  •  1 Comment

I fell on Black Days

 These are dark days for me and for Left Behind photography. I can't hide it and pretend things are perfectly fine. 
Left Behind (and me) are broke. I have no money to restock after my last show. I did not sell a lot in Georgia, but I wanted to bring NEW products, new images to my next show in Gaithersburg MD. I can't afford new aluminum prints, lustre prints or even mats to mount the photos on. I am worried I won't have the gas money to get to MD in two weeks. I have paid the booth fee for my next two shows so there is NO way I will miss those. I will be
sleeping in my car for this show as I can't afford a hotel.

  I had big plans for Sugarloaf Crafts Gaithersburg as it is proving to be one of my BEST shows! They love me up there and they are loyal customers. No they are actually Fans! I wanted to by a large metal print of a new truck photo to debut up there, it could be as big as my signature photo: End of The Road. As is, I will be lucky to actually make it there to show anything.

  I can't ask for any more money as I have done that once with my Kickstarter in 2013. Then a second time recently when I pleaded for sales or just donations. And the third time was when I launched my Patreon for ongoing support: 
I can not ring this bell again. Y'all are tapped out and sick of hearing me beg, thinking "Here goes that Kyle Wilson again begging for money". That is a huge fear of mine. 

I am not giving up. I am not throwing my hands in the air and walking away. Hell, the Universe better make sure I am 6 feet under before they count me out! 

I just want to be honest with y'all, being an artist is not as romantic as it is often portrayed. 



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