Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson | Florida is for Sundays!

Florida is for Sundays!

March 20, 2017  •  1 Comment

Florida is for Sundays!

I just finished my last show in Florida for 2017 and it was FANTASTIC!

 It did not start out that way at the Downtown Naples Festival of The Arts , however, as Saturday was extremely disappointing for sales. The weather was perfect and the crowds were huge. However, I sold only 4 items during the entire 8 hours. When I got back to the Air BnB where I was staying I had trouble falling asleep, despite waking up at 3 AM that morning to set up; I was so stressed out about this last day in Florida! Going to bed this night I was thinking that my poor sales had to do with the enormous competition in my field at this show, there were 30 photographers at this Naples show, almost the same number of jewelers! I had to do something to separate myself from the competition.

 So I got to my booth early and totally changed my setup. At this show, everyone, essentially, gets a corner booth. I did not realize that until it was too late to change on Saturday.  So on Sunday I moved a couple of walls and put 4 big pieces facing outward to take advantage of all the eyes that would be passing and looking.

 My efforts paid off! I sold, sold, and sold some more! THEY LOVED ME! It was like my normal formula was turned on its head. Saturday has always been my best day and Sundays have been a ‘chill day’ where I add a few more sales for ‘gravy’.  I have found that in Florida Saturdays are for looking and SUNDAYS ARE FOR BUYING!  

The details of the Downtown Naples Festival of The Arts 2017:
Organization was superior.
Layout and Setting were perfect.
Advertising and Attendance were phenomenal.
Prestige was above average.
Artist treatment was super-nice.

Mixture of Art was below average (a lot of photography and 2D art).
Parking was a nightmare (artist parking was 2.5 miles away and required a shuttle bus).

Now I am getting my car repaired and getting ready to head back to NC.



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such beautiful pictures it inspire me a lot. i really love your work first your main theme is pretty awesome and them every picture that you take is completely new from others a complete new energy and and those expressions and emotions can be seen in them and that's what i like you know its not make me feel like i'am seeing a picture in fact it took me right in to that moment or time. keep it up pal.
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