The most vibrant of all print media, contemporary Metal Prints are an unexpected way to turn digital images into breathtaking works of art. Metal Prints are made by infusing your image into specially coated aluminum. This results in photo prints so vivid and life-like, they appear to be lit from within. Do you remember seeing a HD LCD TV for the very first time? The scenes seemed to 'jump off the screen' and 'come to life'. That is a lot like viewing a Metal Print for the first time. The definition, clarity, luminescence, and 'life' are unparalleled in any other medium. They truly must BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED. 


  My lab uses only ChromaLuxe panels which are the industry standard for professional photographers and artists. There is simply no alternative and all other options fall flat in comparison. My lab is able to produce deep blacks, and richvibrant colors that bring your image to life in a way that no other medium can. Metal prints are more scratch resistant than anything else available on the market. They are waterproof, they will not rust, and they can be placed in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and outdoor spaces where most other prints will not hold up.

  The process my lab uses to create our high-end prints is known as dye sublimation. First, the image is printed onto a transfer paper which is first mirrored in the printer RIP software. Once the image is printed on the sublimation transfer paper, the transfer is applied on top of the specially coated aluminum panel where it is adhered using tape that is resistant to high temperatures. Once applied to the panel, the substrate is "baked" in a heat press that uses heavy pressure along with 400 degrees of heat to infuse the ink into the coating on the panel. After about 2-3 minutes, the heat press will drop, and the print will be ready to cool off and then mounted. The dye sublimation process is the only way to produce HD metal prints since it is printing all the way through the glossy coating as opposed to printing on top of the substrate like many print processes do.

 HERE are my most popular images, many prices and sizes are available. Just add to your cart to see the prices and shipping prices. 

  Here are my most popular sizes and prices available: 
8X12   $130

12X18  $240

16X24  $395

20X30  $535

24X36  $715 

Larger and custom sizes available, contact me for pricing.