I am Kyle Wilson, a photographer from Selma NC. I am originally from southern Maryland and I have always been fascinated by Rural America. I recently (2012) fell back in love with photography when I discovered the HDR photographic process. Since then I have been on an exciting journey to capture all things Left Behind. In that time I feel I have developed a unique 'look' that I give to my photos.
   I mainly do art shows (about 35 a year) along the east coast and that may be where you have seen my art. Hopeful you will take some time to look at more of my photos here and maybe read my blog. 
  I am also available for commissioned work, as I travel a lot doing my shows. My style and technique works well for real estate and transportation photography. So if you have a classic truck or a home you would like me to photograph, please contact me through my website "Contact" tab.