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Can't Say Enough About Sugarloaf Crafts

November 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Sugarloaf Gaithersburg was all I could have hoped for and more!

 I have written before about how unique the Sugarloaf shows are in the past (here)
and this time in Gaithersburg it was such a positive experience. This year I offered up all 10 of my free tickets to the show and ALL of them were snagged from me within a few days! I knew then that this Holiday show would be something special.

 I was concerned at first because my booth got moved from an inside building #2 at the top of the hill to building #19, inside a barn. This past weekend in November was COLD and on Sunday there were winds gusting to 40+ MPH! Would my customers be able to find me? Would people brave the cold to go shopping? BUT THEY DID COME! All of the people I gave the free tickets to made a point to stop by, say howdy and chat for a bit. I also had quite a few people who say me at Colorfest in Thurmont in October come by Gaithersburg! How cool is that? VERY!

 My worry was for naught because these Sugarloaf Craft fans will come out regardless of the weather. If they don’t make it Friday, they will make it out Saturday or Sunday.  Saturday was by far my best day this weekend, as I expected. I sold a large metal of End Of The Road within the first hour of the show. That is always a great sign. Sales continued virtually all day with me taking many special orders, despite the on-and-off light rain showers.

 Then on Sunday, when I thought most people would be at home staying warm, some hardy shoppers came out. In fact a lot more came out than I expected. I was able to sell about half the amount I did on Saturday.

 Many of the people I spoke with said that they are looking forward to seeing in at the Sugarloaf Crafts show in Chantilly VA in December. A couple of them said they are ‘saving up’ to make their purchase then and that they were narrowing down their choices at the Gaithersburg show.

This weekend Sugarloaf Crafts show in Gaithersburg ended up being MY BEST SUGARLOAF SHOW EVER! And it is currently #7 in my ALL TIME Best Show List.


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