Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson | 2017!! What a phenomenal year!

2017!! What a phenomenal year!

January 01, 2018  •  1 Comment

2017!! What a phenomenal year!

12 months
34 shows
14 states
41,000 Miles
31 motels/Air BnBs

 Those are the 2017 numbers for Left Behind photography. What the numbers don’t tell you are how super-fantastic this year has been! I have met thousands of fine and interesting people these last few months, and I am thankful to each and every one of them. I’m thankful that they took the time to talk to me and thankful that they were willing to spend their hard earned money on my art.

 Many of these 34 shows were new to me: I tried Florida for the first time this past winter and I am so glad I did, they loved me down there. I was able to come away with a few new friends and even a couple of awards!  I also tried Tennessee, Georgia, and New York in 2017 and I WILL be returning to TN. Georgia and New York was not so great, but I had to try. Maryland and Virginia continue to be the best states for me for the 3rd year in a row. Thurmont, Gaithersburg, Chantilly, Crozet, and Baltimore I am looking at y’all. THANKS A TON!  

  I have burned through 10 tires, 1 radiator, I CV Axle, 8 brake pads, and 2700 gallons of gas but my 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe is still running (fairly well). I have also recently invested into new Propanel displays and that has already paid off: I got into shows I previous did not with the old wooden walls I had.

  But above ALL ELSE is my photography, my ART! This is why I travel all the miles to all these states:  to see, to photograph, to share. It is all about making connections through Art. So many people are curious about my photos, my process, my style that I cannot shut up once I get started talking about it. One or two even commented later that I inspired them “to pick up their camera and get out there”. Countless people have told me what seeing/buying my art has meant to them. They often say my photos remind them of something: their grandfather’s old barn, their dad’s old truck, and Mama’s home town…… that sort of thing. That is when I shut my mouth and listen to their story. That is what makes what I do worthwhile.  

  2018 promises to be EVEN BETTER! I have my eyes on some bigger shows, new states (PA, MO, WI), and a new camera (fingers crossed). I can’t wait to meet y’all again and to meet a ton of new people across this majestic country!



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