Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson | Near My Breaking Point

Near My Breaking Point

July 03, 2017  •  4 Comments

Hey y'all! 

 It's been a while since my last blog post, my apologies. It has been a hectic beginning to my summer, more DOWNs than UPs. I can handle one bad or mediocre show, but I can not handle two in a row. That is what I had at the end of May and the first weekend of June. 

  To try to make ends meet and to put meat on the table I started driving for Uber. It was a great solution during late spring when the weather was mild because my car has NO AC. Now that it is July I can not subject my passengers to the North Carolina heat, this is cruel. Plus my ratings may get hammered by hot and sweaty passengers. If they drop below a certain point (4.7 I believe) I could get suspended by Uber. 

  In addition when I do Uber I can not CREATE! I can't; take new photos, edit existing photos, make art,  nor sell art. I just drive and sweat. And worry. It is sapping my creative juices. So I have parked my car for the foreseeable future to focus on Left Behind Photography. I know that if I sell just ONE photo a day, it will exceed what I could make driving 9 hours for Uber. 

  I am sorry this is not a post about "Kicking Ass and Living The Dream"! But I have always been honest with y'all. Being an artist is a struggle. Living Your Dream is harder than anything you will ever do. You will lose sleep, lose weight, lose some friends, lose money. I hate focusing on my cash flow more than my photography. It is not for everybody. But I know that it will be worth it in the long run. I just need to get to that point where I can look back at the Summer of 2017 and say " this is where things turned around and I truly began Living The Dream". 

  If you didn't know this already I do have a Patreon Page that offers ton of cool stuff to patrons of my art. 

Also my website is always being refreshed with NEW content. If you have not been in a while it is still here>

Slowed but Determined,

Near My Breaking PointNear My Breaking Point


Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson
Hey Ryan!

Thanks for reading and commenting!!
I refuse to let my creative juices dry up. That is why I am at my pc editing photos now.
I just hate having to wonder where my next meal is coming from when I should be concentrating on bigger and better things. Thank you for thinking of me as 'inspiration'. I write these posts to provide a clearer picture into what this kind of life is like.

Thanks Again!
Ryan Raphael(non-registered)
Kyle, we have to do what we have to when it comes to making ends meet. Don't let those creative juices get away from you people look to your work for inspiration
Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson
Mike Moore !!!
Are you *trying* to bring tears to my eyes Man? Because it is working! Yes I remember you, thanks so much for your support. I am humbled to, not only, be hanging in your lovely home but to be featured.
I love Industrial locations so dang much. I have been adding a bunch from the Lonaconing Silk Mill every day. So give that album a look when it is time to finish that room up.
And YES, I prefer to have FANS, like you, than simply customers. I try to make raving fans at every event I do.

Mike moore(non-registered)
Hey Kyle,
Keep your head up man. I've bought 3 photos from you before. We are in the process of renovation on our house (decorating I should say) and we actually planned our living room tv wall around your art...but I need to buy two more pics to pull it off...so there is light in your tunnel my friend.
Our interior decorator loved your photos as well and we decided to feature your art on the most predominant wall in the main room of the house. We are going industrial chic in our house...and your art is perfect.
I'll be contacting you very soon to come pick out two more pics to finish our room.
You got talent...and fans...be proud of that.
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