Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson | Cape Coral Festival of the Arts

Cape Coral Festival of the Arts

January 22, 2017  •  3 Comments

The Cape Coral Festival of the Arts, first show ever in Florida

was an astounding success!

This show was organized and held by the Rotary Club of Cape Coral and it was one of the most organized shows I have ever done. Check-in was a breeze on Friday night. I got there early, as usual and was greeted by many smiling faces and helpful people. I had about 2 hours to wait until it was time to drive up to my spot, unload and set up. All went smoothly. 

 Saturday brought HUGE crowds and beautiful weather. The show has a great location.... a wide street in downtown that is closed to traffic. The people came early and kept on coming. There were a LOT of artists, 300(!), for the visitors to look at and they did look at them ALL. This crowd walked slowly and actually looked at the art. On many occasions you could not fit another person in my booth! They were curious and asked many thoughtful questions about my photos. I could tell they appreciated art here and were prepared to buy, not just walk around and eat kettle-corn.
One guest in my booth even commented "I have been coming to this show for 20+ years and this year's artists were the highest quality I have seen yet". That was humbling to be included in such good company.  My nautical and truck photos did well this whole weekend. 

 Sunday was EVEN BETTER THAN SATURDAY! I had one of my BEST Sundays ever! It was amazing. Astounding. Fantastic. Mind-blowing! THEY LOVE ME DOWN HERE! Then it got even better when I WON SECOND PLACE FOR PHOTOGRAPHY! I KID YOU NOT! There were twenty six (26!) other photographers here and I won 2nd place. The smile is still on my face! Sunday exceeded all expectations. 

If I have one complaint is it that tear down was stressful. We are given 4 hours to set up and only 2 to tear down and pack up. My display is intricate and time consuming. It does not set up or tears down quickly. When i was not done by 7 PM the volunteers moved everything to a parking lot across the street where I finished packing up and loading the trailer. 

Overall a great show and I will do this again in 2018 if invited!!! 

Florida is starting to warm up to me and Left Behind photography. 


Wade Brooks(non-registered)
So great to hear Kyle!
Congrats on the sales and the second place win!
With any luck I'll see you in NC some time.
Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson
Thanks Lauri!
I am excited as well for 2017! Thank you for following me and supporting me on this journey.
Lauri Novak(non-registered)
Off to a great start!! Can't wait to see how the rest of the year plays out for you!!
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