Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson | Let me be FRANK about Frankfort Fall Festival 2016

Let me be FRANK about Frankfort Fall Festival 2016

September 08, 2016  •  1 Comment

This was my first year doing this show and I was blown away!

 Attendance was amazing, especially on Sunday. Quite frankly, the crowds were HUGE! Weather was perfect. Organization was professional, honestly, one of the BEST I have ever seen, especially for such a large show.  They treat the artists like honored guests supplying us with free water, booth sitters, fans and they will even deliver ice and food upon request. I swear it could not be better. My block caption (Kris) quickly became my friend.

 Load-in was challenging because my street could not set up until Saturday morning, so I got in line at 4:30 am to be open by 10. Load-out was much easier with nobody pushing you to hurry up. There were no awards for this show, which I was aware of. Layout was perfect for this quaint, historic town. It is so dang cute here. Also the mix of artists seemed perfect with not a flood of one particular media. My only small complaint was that artist parking was about .75 mile away (for me).

 Most important factor was the sales. This show quickly became my NEW #1 GROSSING SHOW OF ALL TIME! It beat out my previous #1 grossing show ( Artscape, Baltimore, by $50 )They came ready to buy and they came early. I have never seen Early Birds like these. Artists need to be ready to sell by 9 AM even though the show does not open until 10 AM, and they bought from 9 am until close each day. I am running out of positive adjectives. It was so worth the 850 mile drive! 



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