Kyle Wilson, The (nearly) Starving Artist (or How Homewood Suites Came to My Rescue)

August 18, 2016  •  10 Comments

So this weekend is the Havre de Grace Art Show up in Havre de Grace Maryland, at a lovely park on the river. I am sure to mispronounce that name a dozen times before Monday, it is pronounced 'Have a de Grace.' 

 For this show I budgeted everything so tightly. I booked the room on '' and chose to pay at the time of check in because I did not have the funds at the time I reserved the room. To be sure I had enough money for the hotel, I withdrew the fund in cash. I didn't want any unexpected debits hitting my account and me not being able to get my room. But I made a mistake when figuring out the gas I would need. I did the calculation with an MPG of 22. That is what my truck gets when it is on the highway WITHOUT a loaded trailer. With a loaded trailer, I get 15 mpg! So I had to stop and get an other $20 worth of gas. 

  There went my dinner money for tonight and lunch for tomorrow. But, 'what the heck' I thought. I have to get there today! I can eat on Friday evening after I sell a few things. I just hope I get a ca$h sale that first day. I fought traffic from 12n until 5 pm. Why the hell is it backed up at 1 pm on a Thursday afternoon? It blows my mind, the traffic in the Washington D.C. area. I was so looking forward to checking in, relaxing with a cup of coffee and putting together a few more mats and frames in my room before the big day tomorrow. 


 Upon checking in I was told that the total was going to be $577 instead of the $547 that I had reserved with I said "I am paying in cash, is that worth a discount"?. Apparently not. So I thought not I might not get a room for this weekend. I did not want to sleep in my truck down by the river. After much clicking around and trying to call someone, the polite Front Desk attendant, Allana Basham,  found a manager. Apparently Maryland charges a 6% Occupancy Tax as well as a 6% Sales Tax. only charges the 6% sales tax. Therein was the issue. So the wonderful Allana  cancelled my original reservation and made me a new one at the quoted rate. YIPPEE! 

  ON TOP OF THAT, she told me that this evening they were having a free Social in the lobby. Did you say FREE FOOD? That is MY FAVORITE KIND OF FOOD! We had BBQ sliders, slaw, soup, salad and lemonade !!



Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson
Hello Mr. Taylor!

Yep, I remember our conversation and those gallery clips. I made a note in my Book to look into them, thank you for that.

And thanks for the kind words about my HDR. That is one of the things I love about this tool, you can use it however you want... from Natural to Surreal. I think I have developed a 'certain look' over the years. Many people say they can tell it is my photo before even reading who posted the photo.

I just sold that big framed ' The Day That Never Comes ' this weekend, as a matter of fact! Thank you.

I hope to someday get a vehicle that can be both a hauler and a 'camper'. I hope it does not come to me throwing an air mattress in the back of my trailer, but I'll do what has to be done.

Thanks for the kind words,
Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson
Hi John Tannock!

It was a pleasure meeting with and talking to you as well. Yes we did get a TON of rain on Sunday, but I actually made a few sales before, and during the rain. So it was not a total wash-out.

I like shooting places off the path that have been Left Behind ; )
I will reach out to you the nest time I am in that area.

Thanks for the offer.

Best Regards,

Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson
Hello Ms. Basham,

Thank you for your reply Ann.

You have raised a lovely woman in Allana!
I did fantastic at the HdG Art Show! I WILL be back next year.

Best Regards,

Left Behind, photography by Kyle Wilson
Howdy Allana,

THANK YOU for being so understanding of my situation. You went above and beyond in helping me. I would imagine another Guest Service personal at another hotel would not have been understanding and things might not have turned out in my favor.

You have made a Homewood Suites fan for life in me! I will see you again the next time I am up in that area!


Ann Basham(non-registered)
I hope you did well at the HDG craft show. I was there had a wonderful time viewing all the marvelous items from the vendors. I am Allana's mother. Nice comment you made
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