I have a super-aggressive Art Show schedule for 2016

February 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have a super-aggressive Art Show schedule for 2016!

I plan on expanding Left Behind photography’s territory into parts of the Midwest and Northeast, as well as continue my dominance of the Southeast. I have plans for new shows in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Illinois and even Michigan. 

I currently have 25-27 shows on the books now! In 2015 I only did 9 shows, I seems like I did more than that last year. Hmmmmm….


However, most of these shows are “ PENDING “ because they are primarily juried shows, where my work is judged to be worthy (or not) of being displayed and sold. I am used to this process as the shows I have applied for are some of the most prestigious (and largest) in the US. 

I have added a ‘Schedule’ page to my website if y’all care to keep up to date:



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