Clayton Harvest And Music Festival

September 22, 2015  •  1 Comment

Clayton Harvest and Music Festival 2015 was a mixed bag for Left Behind photography.  

 While the crowds were big and the weather was beautiful, the sales could have been stronger.
Usually those two ingredients are all you need for a great show.



 The main element that stopped this from being a GREAT show was the LAYOUT. This was the third year I have done this show and the third different layout the Festival has had. But that’s cool, I can adjust. However…..

 The craft vendors were not grouped together as they should have been. They were sprinkled amongst the various civic organizations and businesses. I had a group raffling off a motorcycle next to me and across from me was an insurance agency. Many of the business vendors were handing flyers, pens, bags and other swag to the people as they passed. This tended to make people stick to the middle of the street and avoid the tents along the sides if they had had enough free stuff. It also tended to make people walk faster and keep their eyes straight ahead.

 The organizer should have grouped the Arts and Craft Vendors together. Maybe an ‘Artists Village’ or ‘Craft Street’ would have been a good way to go? That way people could be sure that this block of booths WERE SELLING arts and crafts. They could slow down and actually LOOK inside the booths with leisure. It made no sense to have a church next to a woodworker or a car dealership next to a painter.

 The second issue I have with the layout is the main street was blocked by ‘fitness demonstrations’. Instead of having a free flow up and down Main Street, there was a blockage and people had to go around a fenced of area where people jumped rope and did exercise demos. That should have been in a side area to keep the people flowing up and down Main Street.

That being said, I met a ton of people, both old and new. I made a little bit a money, enough to cover costs and resupply what I sold.

Most importantly I was out there doing WHAT I LOVE. As I told anybody who has asked how I was, “Living The Dream” is what I told them.



I love music a lot. I think I have participated in this music festival.
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